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Going back to my house today.

Basically need to tidy everything and clean up the glass. Also my contract still stands for next year, unless I can find someone who wants to take my room, so realistically someone could move in on 1st August and pay me my rent back :p I’ve put 2 ads up but may try elsewhere and put up as many as possible. :)


Romance City. Photo By David Hanjani


Romance City. Photo By David Hanjani

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Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy

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Slept all day.

I’m so hungover and I dunno what to do with myself. I asked myself the other day if I could live anywhere in the UK where would it be and I answered Camden or somewhere near to it. Really considering doing my 6 months at Amazon then moving back to London. I miss the old times sooo much. I miss band practices with Toby, Pete, Assad and Johnny. I miss the nights out to rock pubs and clubs. And I generally miss the city life there. Will make my decision after Chrimbo though :) 

Anyways been at Dave’s house since this morning. Left my house drunk at 5am. Was quite a funny drunk last night until things fell to shit. My drunken alter ego really came out last night. I’ve called her Zero Gravity. Fell asleep and woke at 11. Then fell back asleep and woke up at quarter past 6 this evening. Put up an ad about my room and have messaged loads of places about viewing flats :) I’m just praying that someone takes over my contract so that I can leave. So glad I’m starting at Amazon on Wednesday! Its really saved my sanity.

Things have turned shit…

I’m so done with my fucking house….Moving out for definite. 

Made a raspberry cheesecake today!

It looks amazinggg :p And I made the cream baby pink by mashing raspberries in to a puree and mixed it in :p Can’t wait to try some later tonight. :)

Reeeeaaallll worldddd!

Now for a completely different lifestyle, but the good news is, I have a full time job now so I can stay here. Its at Amazon and the pay is great, and apparently the position I’ve been offered is quite good :p Went for my induction today and met some new people. All seem fairly decent and not the bitchy type. I’m hoping I stick at this job. :) Also getting Eartholution products made and had quite a productive day the other evening. Getting really good at the loom bracelets now too :P And if Amazon goes well, I’ll hopefully be able to afford and do this counselling course and be qualified before I’m 30! :p 

On a down note, internet still hasn’t come on in my house so still having to use the internet library :/ urghh

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